Longboards For Surfing

With Britain offering small, unpredictable & frequently wind blown waves, our country suits long boarding perfectly. Longboarding is both a very stylish looking pastime & a lot of  fun.

Even on the days when the waves  are small, inconsistent &  feeble you can still get a great buzz from surfing on the right equipment like a custom designed nose riding longboard.

Probably the best, state of the art lightweight longboards for surfing are the Surftech brand of tufflite longboards.

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Setting itself apart from every other form of surfing, long-boarding offer surfers the chance to take part in the enviable activity of ‘nose-riding’. Giving the serene sensation of “weightlessness”, Australian long boarding professional Belinda Baggs (aka Bindy) is an enormous fan of this skillful pastime.

When the surfer ‘hangs ten’ or rolls all five toes over the nose of the board, it is known in the industry as a superior statement of balance. It has been said that when a surfer is at the nose of the board, the surrounding world seems to move in slow motion, creating a magical and awe-inspiring experience. And no one would know the joys of this sport better than Belinda Baggs


For a long time, Bindy has been in the front position for women’s long-boarding. Keen to advocate the sheer thrills that come with this sport, Bindy has showcased, through her unimaginable skills on the board, how long boarding allows female surfers to regain control over their femininity whilst in the waves.

Unlike the awkwardness associated with jittery short boards, long boards enable female surfers to ‘flow’ with the water in a calm and elegant manner. For the advanced surfer, the true beauty comes with making the difficult things look easy; but long-boarding is a lot easier to learn than short-boarding!

Because of their enhanced stability and buoyancy, the design of long boards makes it instinctively easier to balance and in turn, judge and grasp the water. But, as always, perfecting the art of any skill can be a challenge and although highly rewarding when you get the hang of it, the admirable ‘nose ride’ can take a while to grasp!

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Experts such as Bindy advise that before you can reach the summit of riding the nose, you should first learn how to cross step (although admittedly, shuffling is much easier!). By doing this, you will have full control of speeding up or slowing down your board.

But as with everything; the first steps are always the most fearsome and walking on your board is all about overcoming that dreaded fear factor! To start with, lift your back foot over your front foot in slow, small and soft movements.

Once you have perfected this, and you are able to walk, try to apply pressure on your back foot to accomplish a steady pace. As you do this, you will notice that the surrounding wave will deepen. Walk to the nose and hang .

Once you have ‘hung five’, give yourself a pat on the back (when you’re back on land); you’ve mastered the incredible art of nose-riding. There is great paradox in nose-riding your are essentially applying weight yet remaining weightless. Invented in California back in the 1950s, nose-riding came into play when (believe it or not) all surfboards were very long.

A new trend that was tried and tested by pro surfing-wannabes across the country, it wasn’t until it was perfected by Mickey ‘Da Cat’ Dora and Lance Carson that this new ‘trick’ was recognised as a solid element of the sport. And when David Nuuhiwa took it to extreme limits, it caused even more of a stir…but that was before the world set eyes on Joel Tudor!

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During the 90s, teenager Joel Tudor, from California, was caught on camera as he astonishingly curled ten toes over the nose. All of sudden, this retro style of surfing was amazingly ‘cool’ and surfing fanatics across the world started to mimic the historically-based, yet futuristic style of this superbly talented kid.

By focusing on the foundations of long- boarding, Tudor had created an art form. Unsurprisingly, Tudor went on to twice become the World Champion and also toured Europe with the legend that is Nat Young.

Inspired by the media attention surrounding this contemporary and distinctive sport, Cornish long-boarder Robert Green created the British Long board Union (BLU) contest tour.

Since it began in the 1990s, the BLU has given us a multitude of professional long-boarders and European Champions including Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths, Elliot Dudley, Will Eastham and Ben Skinner.

If you visit South Wales, Devon , Cornwall, you will be able to see long-boarding at its finest. Suited to the windward British coastline, people of all levels of experience are taking part in this spectacular sport.

Astonishingly, long boarding now accounts for half of the surfing population in the UK.

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Buying a long board Fibre glass boards are a popular choice due to them usually being expertly shaped to order & they also look nice when newly polished. On the other hand, fibre glass boards can be fragile and ding easily. Hence many surfers find that lighter yet stronger epoxy & tufflite boards provide more durability, float and weightlessness.

Among the best designed tufflite longboards for surfing are the Surftech longboards range. To start off, a board size of 9’ 0” to 9’ 6” with either 1 or 3 fins is ideal. It’s also always a good idea to look for a board that will easily fit under your arm and is light enough to carry with ease. 9’1″ seems to be the  most popular size and its also the standard  minimum length for competition longboards.

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